Unscene Patrol Needs To Raise $7,500 By Dec. 1st

  Christian band, Unscene Patrol, needs your help!

We recently connected with Kevin McClure from Unscene Patrol. We were so moved by their talents, their desire to produce another album and their reliance on faith to guide them along this journey, that we wanted to share their story with you. 

Unscene Patrol is a rock band from Omaha, NE, with songs that deal with real-life struggles and celebrations. Faith has been a staple in the songwriting and music-business aspects of the band since the beginning. With songs about overcoming doubt, death, loss, and sense-of-self in the debut album “Laughing In The Face Of Death”, up to more recent single releases about unity and impact (“We Can Be One”, “Fluorescent”, and “We Are More”) the faith in Jesus from primary songwriter Kevin McClure comes through in an interesting way.

“The goal of our music is not to be ‘preachy’, but to open up the door for conversation,” McClure says, “We have a lot of great friends in the CCM and Worship music worlds, and we love our fans that are in those realms, but we dream of being Kingdom-Expanders instead of Kingdom-Developers, like those artists. It’s not out of any disdain for the latter, but just out of calling. We feel called to go to the darker places where the Gospel isn’t normally welcome, and be a bridge that starts conversation.”

“The goal of our music is not to be ‘preachy’, but to open up the door for conversation.” ~ Kevin McClure 

Since 2011, the band has released a full-length album, an additional EP, a Christmas EP, and a handful of singles, but what’s coming next makes the act more excited for the future. “We have been leaning into Kickstarter for this next album. We want to make songs based on the idea of tension and release as a musical term and how that parallels to captivity and bondage to our flesh and freedom from ourselves to truly be who we are created to be,” McClure continues to say. This album will consist of the pre-released single “We Are More”, a song about unity and growth, and “Fluorescent”, a song about outreach and being a light, as well as many more that the band has been performing on the road for the last year. McClure says that, “These songs are going to make an impact. They transcend my own personal experiences as a songwriter. They are songs of truth and songs of calling. This will be an important album, I think, for both the CCM world and the general market music industry.” They plan to release the album in early 2015, pending raising $7,500 to record the album at Confer Music House in Lincoln, NE by December 1st.

“We’re nervous about making the goal, but we’re leaning on our faith in God to do with this music what he wants. If nothing else, we want to be salt and light, and that might require more work to be done in and on us before these songs see the light of day, and even thought that’s not what we want, it is well with our souls that that might be what’s necessary.” ~ Kevin McClure

Without your help Unscene Patrol won’t be able to record and produce their next album. Time is running out on their Kickstarter campaign and we encourage each of you to prayerfully consider pledging $10.00 or more.

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