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Little Flower - Offering FREE Cancer Massages

The team recently met up with the owner of Little Flower Healing Massage located in the Old Mill district of Omaha, NE. Cathy Thayer is a Licensed Massage Therapist (LMT) and is certified in Oncology Massage. She knows cancer. She understands its causes, cures and treatments are as varied as the people it affects. Thayer is determined to help those dealing with the physical and emotional symptoms of cancer. Thayer is just one of a handful of practitioners in the Midwest seeking a Lymphedema Therapist Certification. Thayer’s newest certification will expand her ability to deliver effective and compassionate care to those that have been impacted by cancer. Thayer, as part of her newest certification, is giving away (15) sixty minute massages away for those that are cancer survivors or currently fighting the battle. Thayer wants to complete this special project in the month of February! She hopes to expand on programs like this in the future.

               “Not too many people know that massage therapy can play a vital role  in the treatment of cancer.”

Healing massage cannot cure cancer, but it can offer much-needed relief, enhance the quality of life and make great contributions to the healing process. Thayer, a devout Christian, believes, “Healing is always possible, even when a cure is not.”

Thayer discussed, to the team, the advances of the acceptance of massage therapy as a tool to help those who are dealing with cancer emotionally and physically.  Research has also played a huge role in showing the benefits of massage therapy.  The benefits of healing massage therapy are not limited to but include: reduce stress, minimize the side effects of chemotherapy and radiation, enhance circulation and oxygen, provide comfort, boost the immune system, remove toxins from the body, decrease fatigue, increase body awareness,  provide a feeling of peace and well-being, and help reconnect the body, mind and spirit. For many cancer patients, touch is associated with pain and discomfort.  Massage can provide a nurturing, calming, soothing and compassionate experience for the client. Thayer wants her guests to know that very special care will be taken on each and every visit. Little Flower Healing massage is committed to providing the very best possible treatment. Massage therapists, like Thayer, are a compliment to your treatment team. A medical history is taken for each client and they will work closely with your physician. Your health and well-being are of the utmost importance to Cathy and the team at Little Flower.

“I love everyone who walks through my door. God has put this person in my path for a reason and I want to show them Christ’s love.”

Thayer encourages anyone stricken by cancer to sign up for one of the free 60 minute oncology massage sessions. She is reserving 8 sessions to those specifically impacted by breast cancer. Contact Cathy Thayer at Little Flower Healing Massage at 402-212-9453 to schedule your appointment.

Little Flower Healing Massage

10506 Burt Circle Omaha, NE 68114

Take The Helmet of Salvation and Go Hit The Field

“And take the helmet of salvation…” – Ephesians 6:17

Survival of the fittest! Football is a sport that capitalizes on violence and brutality.

Football, arguably the most popular sport in the nation, calls for great sacrifice, and an even greater will to endure the pain and tremendous suffering that can result.

During most televised football games you can watch two players collided in vicious helmet-to-helmet contact. Many times, the impact is so great that both players collapse to the ground. In most cases, the players slowly return to their feet, the crowd cheers and the game quickly returns to a feverish pace. On occasion a player is loaded onto a stretcher and carted off the field. It is on these critical situations it is easy to wonder; would these players have survived this brutal play without the protection of a helmet? In a sport as vicious and unforgiving as football, players need to wear their helmets for protection.

Paul wrote that we need to take the helmet of salvation. Paul expects us to put it on. Without a helmet of protection we risk serious injury.

As Christians we need to pray for protection.

The helmet of salvation reminds us Jesus has already secured victory; he has already won the game!

Christians are called to suit up and play each and every day. There is very little you can do to score or to change the final outcome of the game. Jesus Christ has chosen us for his team. We can take great solace in knowing other courageous witnesses have taken the field. Each player is called to use their gifts and charisms to give glory to their coach.

There will be injuries along the way. Many will treasure the wounds that remind them of the fight and taking comfort in knowing they are still standing. We know from history you can’t make an impact for Jesus Christ if you don’t wake up every morning and suit up. Take great solace in knowing the helmet of salvation is undefeated.

Now, tighten up your chinstrap, join others in the and go hit the field.

Pożyczka gotówkowa online

Bez wątpienia pożyczka bez udziału Biura Informacji Kredytowej, w skrócie BIK, owo kawa na ławę idealna, bez żadnych wad myśl dla wszystkich tych osób, których potencjał finansowe zostały w pewien sposób ograniczone np. w poprzek absencja pracy, łączny albo częściowy. Więcej: pożyczka gotówkowa online

Pracujesz lecz wciąż od chwili czasu do czasu, a otrzymywane z wykorzystaniem Ciebie uposażenie nie przekracza 500 złotych? Jesteś właścicielem „nieprzeciętnego” obciążenie? Powiedz prawdę! Bądź wykaz Twoich kredytów, pożyczek, kart kredytowych jest nadzwyczaj „rozbudowana”?

Bądź wiesz o tym, iż pożyczone kapitał w parabanku,w poniższym artykule będziemy stosować także objaśnienie „nie bank”, „firma pozabankowa” bądź „niebankowy pożyczkodawca”, jesteśmy zobowiązani dostarczyć w niepomiernie krótkim czasie, obecnie po 15 lub 30 dniach, oraz lecz czasem po 60 dniach?

Całkowitą nieprawdą jest owo, iż pożyczki chwilówki bez BIK są wysokooprocentowane. Na to samo oprocentowanie pożyczek w „nie banku” jest wyższe, toż Naszym zdaniem nie astronomiczne. Zanim złożymy konkluzja o pożyczkę powinniśmy rzucić okiem na najświeższy, ranking pożyczek. Nasza zespół. Zwróć szczególną uwagę na datę jego publikacji.

Zainteresowały Cię nie lecz wciąż pożyczki dostępne po kilku chwilach bez BIK – przy, jednakowoż i bez zaświadczeń? Nie mamy najmniejszych wątpliwości, wewnątrz pomocą wyszukiwarki, z pewnością uda Ci się wyszukać rankingi dopasowane do Twoich potrzeb w godny podziwu sposób.

Bez obaw! Pozabankowy pożyczkodawca chwilówkodawca spośród pewnością nie odrzuci Twojego wniosku o pożyczkę. Nawet nie wcześniej, gdy jesteś właścicielem długów znacznych bądź nieznacznych. Określ rząd swojego obciążenie, a eksperci (twórcy rankingów) wskażą Ci najlepsze podejście z Twojej sytuacji.

Nie podpisałeś żadnej umowy ze swoim pracodawcą, ani umowy o pracę, ani umowy zlecenie, ani umowy o dzieło, powiemy otwarcie pracujesz w tzw. szarej strefie. Bez wątpienia pula nie zaaprobowałby Twojego wniosku. Obawiasz się, iż sposób udzielania pożyczki będzie nad wyraz skomplikowana? Jesteś w błędzie a to nie małym!

Are You Daring Enough To Change The Game?

When was the last time you were daring? When was the last time you did the unthinkable, unimaginable and most unreal thing of your career? Music icon Beyonce’ reminds each of us to go for it! She did the unthinkable last month when she released her fifth studio album without any notice. That’s right. She broke all of the rules and stunned the entire music world when she released her most ambitious project to date. What Beyonce’ did was unthinkable in the music industry. She changed the game completely!

So, when was the last time you made a daring move to change the game?

Every industry has a proven track record knowing how to market the next great widget. They’ve done it for years and each industry has their proven formula for how to attack with marketing and promotion.

 Sure, there are the legendary entrepreneurs who have created their own unique product launches or signature release – Steve Jobs with Apple, Tony Hsieh with and Richard Branson with Virgin Atlantic quickly come to mind. Branson was daring enough to start a record company when CDS were making their debut! He later started an airline company when airlines were belt tightening! Hsieh, believes anything is possible if you have a team moving in the same direction. Tony once shared his favorite quote with me.

“If you want to go fast, go it alone. If you want to go far, go it together.”


With an attitude like that it’s easy to see why has been so successful! For these iconic leaders, the rules — and techniques — are a little different. But none of them tried what Beyonce’ pulled off last month.

 Beyonce not only released her album on iTunes first but she did it with no warning & no other promotion – she showed how a daring move can break the proverbial industry glass ceiling. Companies around the world took note!

With a singular move Beyonce joined Jobs, Hsieh, Branson and others!


 Don’t be lulled into believing this was a spur of the moment decision. It was not. It was a calculated move by a very smart business person. It was a unique way to connect with her customer base. She truly put her fans first by announcing her album release on   Instagram to over 1,000,000 followers. They have responded and rewarded her with record breaking sales on iTunes.

Few in the industry could have pulled this off.

Beyonce’, in one daring move, hit the reset button in the music industry. Music moguls, promoters and retailers are scrambling! The game can change! And you can changed it if you’re daring enough to change the rules!

Lifeboat Coffee in Omaha, Nebraska recently changed the rules by launching America’s first pro-life coffee company. John Lillis, President of Lifeboat, was daring enough to leave corporate America and launch a company that embraced both his gifts and his faith.

Like Lillis, God has blessed each of us with many gifts and charisms. We should embrace our uniqueness and not be afraid to try new things in an effort to reach greater heights, to change the game and to glorify God.

The question remains, are you daring enough to change the game?

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Sancta Familia Medical Adds a Massage Therapist

Sancta Familia Medical Apostolate is pleased to announce the addition of Cathy Thayer, of Little Flower Massage Therapy, to the Apostolate.

Cathy Thayer is a licensed massage therapist who graduated from Universal College of Healing Arts in 2005. She uses her advanced training in Swedish,  Oncology, Breast Cancer and Mastectomy Massage, Deep Tissue, Pregnancy, Stone,  Sports and Myofacial Massage to provide the most effective and individualized treatment for her clients.

Thayer is a mother of eight and moved to Omaha in 2003 with the Air Force. Thayer and her family decided to stay and retire in Omaha because of the strong Christian community. The Thayer family is very active in parish and school life.

“I love massage therapy because I feel it is an extension of my motherhood.”  Thayer hopes she can help people heal in a natural, safe and loving environment. She is grateful for the opportunity to provide Christ-centered health care at Sancta Familia. Thayer’s professional services are on par for the Omaha market.

1/2 hour massage = $45.00

60 minute massage = $65.00

Thayer joins a strong, dynamic team of Christ-centered practitioners at Sancta Familia. The Apostolate is known for delivering exceptional health care in a Christ-centered environment. Thayer’s professional services are a nice compliment to Sancta Familia Medical and exemplifies the ideals and mission of the Apostolate. Thayer joins Dr. Brian Voithofer of Christos Chiropractic, Cassie Baker of Optimum Physical Therapy, Teresa Kenney WHNP, Roberta Kramer NP, Dr. Michael Dulac, and Dr. Lloyd Pierre. Sancta Familia Medical is blessed to have such capable practitioners working together for a Christian approach to medicine.

Appointments can be made directly with Cathy Thayer.

Hours of Operation: Monday – Friday, 9:00 – 5:00 pm

Phone: 402-212-9453






Christian Business Leaders Keep God in Their Business!

How Do Christian Business Leaders Keep God In Their Business?

As a Christian business leader you will be confronted with more challenges then the average business leader on the streets. The uncertainty of the future, the attack on the family unit and the political landscape will take you to the edge in the years ahead. How you handle those challenges will be different than the average leader. The Christian toolbox will provide you with the right tools so you can take your company to new levels of success despite these ominous challenges! As a Christian business leader what should you do to keep God in your business? Grab your Christian tool box and let’s review the 5 tools for success in any situation!

1.      Be Strong in Your Faith

Your faith must be unwavering as you face the daily challenges in the marketplace. Be on your guard; stand firm in the faith; be courageous; be strong (1 Corinthians 16:13)! You control your will. You must take charge of your circumstances to impact change and answer God’s call. Focus your gifts on executing the activities that are in line with your faith that will produce the desired outcomes and advance your business.

2.      Honesty in The Christian Marketplace 

Conducting business in an honest and forthright manner is the secret sauce to a Christian business! It is your responsibility as a Christian business leader to pay a fair wage, advertise without deception, and charge reasonable price. And my honesty will testify for me in the future (Genesis 30:33)!

3.      Let The Fire Burn Inside You 

Be on guard as those in the marketplace who will want to snuff out the fire that burns inside you! Be a courageous witness and rely on your faith to stoke the fire more! This fire will quickly spread to team members, customers and other business owners! Remember, the Lord is your strength! Let the fire burn inside you!

4.      Have a Map

The only way you will reach your destination is to have a clear cut map of where you want to go. Create a plan of how you will get there. Work at your highest value. Recruit talented resources to help in areas where you are deficient and take this map with you…. otherwise you will get off track.

5.       Strengthen Your Prayer Life

You will encounter ominous challenges in the Christian marketplace.  As a Christian business leader you must leave everything in the hands of God. Tell him about your challenges as a Christian business leader. He is with you through it all and will guide you along the way. As a Christian business leader you must commit to prayer being the first and foremost thing you do daily. With over 40 million faith based consumers ready to commit to your brand will you be ready? Will you have a strong foundation? Will you have the support of other Christian businesses in the marketplace? Have you established relations with area churches and ministries? Take a few minutes to reflect on these five basic steps and keep God in your business!

Know you will have the support of the 316 marketing solutions team when you need it!

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