The Key Ingredient to Christian Businesses is Trustworthiness!

The Key Ingredient to Christian Businesses is Trustworthiness!

A recent Barna survey revealed 43% of American adults would be open to purchasing a product or paying for a service if they knew the business was rooted in Christian principles. Not surprisingly, the same study found that one third of all Americans would prefer to do business that is Christian owned or operated! Christian companies like,, have gained the trust of the Christian consumer and have prospered as Christians are seeking businesses daring enough to call themselves Christians!

The team, in the weeks and months ahead, will be shaking the bushes in search of Omaha Christian businesses willing to stand up for Christian principles in the marketplace. Recently, the team in Omaha sat down and interviewed a Christian medical practice. We weren’t shocked to learn they even have non-Christian patients. The healthcare practitioners at explained these non-Christian patients choose Sancta Familia because they know Christian businesses can be trusted!

Trustworthiness is the lifeblood of the Christian business. Like Forever21, it’s important to connect with Christian consumers and tell your story. The 316Marketplace team wants to help! We are here to provide a Christian business directory and a marketplace of help, support, and referrals to help build your business. Our talented team will leverage their gifts from God to promote and drive traffic to your business!

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