The Influential Christian CEO

Your pastor has greater influence over you than your Christian CEO, right?


Not so fast. Take a minute to consider how little time Americans spend with their pastors. Those attending church in America spend an average of 15 minutes or less listening to weekly sermons. Conversely, the average American working in corporate America is under the influence of his Christian CEO in excess of 45 hours per week. Christian business leaders are highly influential in the marketplace. According to Crown Business, less than 20% of Americans attend church services regularly but over 60% of Americans are employed and go to work each day. CEOs have a tremendous opportunity to lead by example and evangelize in the marketplace. Their influence on non-believers is significant, American businesses employ a

diverse cross section of faiths and backgrounds. Kingdom businesses exhibit far more influence on the daily lives of non-believers than a typical pastor does his flock. Christian CEOS are responsible for creating company culture, setting company policies, sourcing vendors, signing checks, hiring team members and developing a company mission. Take a minute out of your workday to thank your CEO for their Christian leadership. & are great resources for business owners and CEOs seeking further guidance and information.


Source: Crown Business


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