The Entrepreneur Map Is A Great Opportunity For Business Owners Everywhere

We recently discovered a new tool for entrepreneurs. We reached out to Justin Grounds, founder of The Entrepreneur Map (EM), and learned how this easy to use tool can help #Christian entrepreneurs everywhere! What is The Entrepreneur Map? It is a Google Maps / geo location based website application that provides free advertising and promotional tools for individuals, small businesses and entrepreneurs everywhere. The Entrepreneur Map is not listed as a Christian based business but we thought the promotional value of this free tool was too great not to report on.

Grounds explained, their current marketing process is this, when someone registers on the EM, they actively promote the EM in their specific geo location using social media marketing. This attracts other entrepreneurs, individuals and business owners residing in their location to visit the EM and view the new member’s information, promotional video and or banner, as well as other members in the web visitor’s location, and also to possibly register themselves. This increases the value for the members by attracting potential clients and contacts for the new member’s products and services.

 If you have an intro, demo, or promotional video – it will be featured and all visitors within a 30 MILE RADIUS of your location will view it – and it’s FREE! ~ Justin Grounds

We thought the Entrepreneur Map was a great opportunity for #Christian entrepreneurs to connect with like-minded customers across the globe. 316Marketplace.Com has witnessed the team at EM promoting businesses on all the major social media. This constant promotion provides much needed juice to fuel to direct traffic to these courageous entrepreneurs.

Going forward, in order to gain real internet traction and get the Entrepreneur Map name and services out there to be found by the millions of bootstrapping individuals and small businesses that would benefit from the free services that the EM offers, they will no doubt need to generate a paid advertising and admin budget.

Justin and his team wish to keep the EM services free for all who see the value of jumping on and becoming members. After all, it is mainly targeted at those who are endeavoring to build a business for themselves and their families in difficult economic times.

Do you have a partnership idea or a sponsorship offer for Entrepreneurial Map? Grounds remains open to ideas and opportunities and is focused on growing the scope and reach of the Entrepreneur Map.

We encourage #Christian business owners to prayerfully consider tools like the Entrepreneur Map or a local #ChristianBusinessDirectory like www.316Marketplace.Com. We pray that God may continue to richly bless Justin’s entrepreneurial endeavor and look forward to updates in the near future.

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