Take The Helmet of Salvation and Go Hit The Field

“And take the helmet of salvation…” – Ephesians 6:17

Survival of the fittest! Football is a sport that capitalizes on violence and brutality.

Football, arguably the most popular sport in the nation, calls for great sacrifice, and an even greater will to endure the pain and tremendous suffering that can result.

During most televised football games you can watch two players collided in vicious helmet-to-helmet contact. Many times, the impact is so great that both players collapse to the ground. In most cases, the players slowly return to their feet, the crowd cheers and the game quickly returns to a feverish pace. On occasion a player is loaded onto a stretcher and carted off the field. It is on these critical situations it is easy to wonder; would these players have survived this brutal play without the protection of a helmet? In a sport as vicious and unforgiving as football, players need to wear their helmets for protection.

Paul wrote that we need to take the helmet of salvation. Paul expects us to put it on. Without a helmet of protection we risk serious injury.

As Christians we need to pray for protection.

The helmet of salvation reminds us Jesus has already secured victory; he has already won the game!

Christians are called to suit up and play each and every day. There is very little you can do to score or to change the final outcome of the game. Jesus Christ has chosen us for his team. We can take great solace in knowing other courageous witnesses have taken the field. Each player is called to use their gifts and charisms to give glory to their coach.

There will be injuries along the way. Many will treasure the wounds that remind them of the fight and taking comfort in knowing they are still standing. We know from history you can’t make an impact for Jesus Christ if you don’t wake up every morning and suit up. Take great solace in knowing the helmet of salvation is undefeated.

Now, tighten up your chinstrap, join others in the 316marketplace.com and go hit the field.

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