Social Media Mapping in a Christian World

As Christian business owners, you have to embrace social media! Before you even start thinking about a social media presence, you have to make a commitment! You can’t expect throngs of followers & fans to find you overnight! Yes, you can still navigate these roads with a Christian spirit and mindset!

Most entrepreneurs start their social media presence with a blitzkrieg of posts, tweets and updates, only to quickly lose interest.

As the leader of your Christian business, it’s imperative you make a commitment….even it’s just to yourself. Acknowledging and agreeing with yourself that building a social presence could take a year or more, and then promising to invest the necessary time, energy and resources into it no matter what, will keep you on course for the challenges that lie ahead. (yes there will be plenty of challenges ahead)

You wouldn’t think of loading up the family and heading across the country without a map, fuel, and general vacation provisions! Would you? Having a social media presence is no different! Don’t worry, has developed a social media map to guide you along this journey! A 316 team member will be happy to send you a map!

Social media mapping prepares you to be active and engaged even when you feel your presence is stagnating. strategizes with Christian businesses on all aspects of social media.

In the weeks ahead, the 316Marketplace team will address each stop along this journey. Today, we want you to consider how the following questions will impact your social media map!

Who is your ideal client? 

Who are your most popular types of customers? Are they college students, businessman, stay at home moms?

Where do your clients hang out?

There is little sense in being active across multiple social media platforms if your prospective clients spend most of their time on Facebook. Resources are valuable so we recommend focusing on one or two platforms.

Define your goal in using a specific social media platform?

Ask your team what you want to achieve! Do you want to increase brand awareness? B2B connections? If you want to increase engagement, then you would want a platform where you can post questions and images that will elicit a response. You’re interested in generating sales? Perhaps the use of Facebook “offers” is a good fit for your business! Your social media goal is your compass and will keep you pointing toward your destination!

Next week we will dive into the management of these platforms and delegating social media responsibilities.

Thank you for being a courageous Christian witness in today’s marketplace!

The 316Marketplace team.


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