Marketing Needs Assessment for Local Businesses

Once you have admitted that you have a marketing problem, it’s time to get an assessment of your situation.

analytics for web site trafficA good place to start is to add some analytics to your website to help you get a good idea of what’s going on with regards to the current traffic on your site.  It gives you a good baseline from which to begin and to measure your future efforts.  Some of the things I like to look at in analytics are search query terms.  This will tell me what terms users finding my site from in organic searches.  I also like to get an idea of the pages that people are entering the site on, and how long they stay.

Another area to assess is the presence of all social media assets the business has, or should have, based on the audience of consumers the web site is working to appeal to.  Does the business need a Google Plus page?  LinkedIn?  If the social media channel is present, is it accurate?  So many businesses we work with have started with some sort of social media, but it’s either not right for the given audience, or the business just gave up and stopped contributing to the social community.

Continuing, additional items to review when assessing your digital presence are the technology and on-page items of your web site.  Sometimes a complete overhaul is needed, and other times it’s really just a few simple tweaks to ensure that your site has some of the basic items like titles, and plenty of content related to your services.

Finally, take steps to determine if your web site is doing what you need it to.  Many times it’s not the obvious task of an e-commerce site, but soft selling by giving away information relevant to the needs of your audience, or collecting email addresses so that you can connect with your audience in the future.

If you need help with a Marketing Needs Assessment, professionals can help.  Just contact us to set up an appointment for an evaluation.

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