K-Life-Omaha Teen Ministry Faces Closure

K-Life projects $78,000 deficit and needs your help!

"K-Life Youth Ministry in Omaha Needs Funding"

Omaha K-Life, a local #Christian youth ministry, needs $78,000 in funding or will be unable to continue. 316Marketplace.Com recently connected with Clay Ford, area director, to learn more about this important organization. Ford gave great insight into the ministry and it’s easy to see how important the ministry is to Omaha teenagers. We felt it was important to help tell their story to #Christians throughout the community. 

Omaha K-Life, has organized volunteers and leaders who are devoted to impacting young men and women for the greater good through their faith. 

“Using the Bible as a guidepost, Omaha K-Life strives to follow the example of relationship building Jesus demonstrated while He was on earth.” ~ Clay Ford 

The apostle Paul explains discipleship like this: We loved you so much, we were delighted to share with you not only the gospel of God but our lives as well.” (1 Thessalonians 2:8) 

Ford reminds us that, Discipleship starts with one willing person walking with God who is being transformed by that relationship—that reaches out to another person and walks with God next to them.  We talk a lot about “doing life together” with Omaha K-Life—and essentially that means being a part of kids’ lives where they are right now and showing them what a life changed by Jesus looks like.

Many of us can look over the landscape of our own lives and identify someone who made an impact on who we are today simply by taking an interest in our “real life”—showing up at a volleyball game, inviting us to some ridiculous event (food fight, anyone?), or genuinely listening to the answer that tumbles out when asked, “So, how are you really doing?”  We all crave to be known and to be valued. The teenagers in K-Life are no different. 

For Omaha K-Life, it’s pretty simple:  big events, small groups, and individual interactions.  The current staff at Omaha K-Life, Clay and Becca Ford, are a husband and wife team that are passionate about the Lord and the transformation of a life surrendered to Him.  They’re also pretty passionate about fun, laughter, the Bible, and creating one-of-a-kind memories.

Together, they cast a vision for the ministry emphasizing involvement in a small group lead by staff or volunteer leaders (usually young professionals or college students who are walking with the Lord and have a desire to impact the next generation).  Currently there are 12 active, healthy middle school and high school small groups that are designed to foster spiritual growth within a community of like-minded believers.  Through small groups, students are presented with the Word in an age appropriate way and taught how to study it for themselves—which allows them to wrestle with God’s truth found in Scripture and then engage it in their daily lives—and it’s happening! 

We’ve got kids who are hungry for truth! ~ Beca Ford


What a blessing to see kids, groups of friends, and entire families impacted for the Kingdom!

With this relatively simple formula, spending time with students in Bible-infused small groups and seeking ways to be involved in their daily lives, they partner with local schools and churches to invest in today’s kids.  Omaha K-Life has had the opportunity over the last 6 plus years to intentionally influence over 200 young men and women—and remain excited about what the Lord has in store ahead despite the financial challenges!

Omaha K-Life is completely locally supported! 

K-Life is constantly on the lookout for men and women who want to invest in the Lord’s work here in Omaha.  Our board of directors is comprised of couples and individuals who see what God is doing and are eager to offer their wisdom, talents, and time to serve.  Additionally, if you or your business or church would be interested in partnering financially with Omaha K-Life you can find more information at omaha.klife.com/donate.php

Since Omaha K-Life exists entirely on local donations, they are asking everyone to prayerfully consider becoming a financial partner! Your donations will support this beautiful ministry and their ability to take on the challenges of ministering to teens. 100% of your donation will be used right here in Omaha. Do you have contacts that could be approached for financial support? The enemy would like nothing more than for K-Life to fail, don’t let that happen.

Please support Omaha K-Life  

“Without financial support from those participating in Omaha K-Life, the ministry will not be able to continue.” 

Omaha K-Life is unique, and if you’re interested in more information—or getting involved perhaps?—they would love to answer any questions you might have. Please feel free to contact the chapter director, Clay Ford, at ford@klife.com.

Questions about donations may be directed to K-Life’s Treasurer, Brooke Blanke at  Brooke.Blanke@dialsmi.com

Secure online donations can be made at omaha.klife.com/donate.php

You can also find Omaha K-Life on Facebook as Omaha K-Life, or through other social media platforms like Instagram:  Omaha_K_Life  & Twitter:  @OmahaKLife


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