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Christian Business Serves Modern American Cuisine



Not your typical restaurant!  The values and beliefs of this Christian business can easily be found throughout this organization! Chef John treats his employees with dignity and respect and takes pride in their personal and professional success. It’s something he learned from his mentor Milton who owns This is a great Omaha Christian business and one I would recommend.

Salt began as an exploration of the trending fascination with the Mediterranean region and how the character, culture, and cuisines of those areas can be blended and form Modern American offerings that maintain the uniqueness of places like Croatia and Italy.

 The Cuisine

Melding Mediterranean with a dash of everything

We’ve given our cuisine an incredible amount of thought–the planning of this menu kept our chef up many nights. To put it simply, you can call the cuisine at Salt “Modern American,” but “Eclectic” might be more in our lane. Our dishes feature unpredictable combinations, bold and lively flavors, and the finest ingredients. Enjoy our New American-Italian menu with a touch of Asian influence.


From Salt and Pepper Calamari to Rainbow Trout to Split, our brick-oven pizza topped with chipotle shrimp and shaved Parmesan, our menu has plentiful surf options for you to explore in true Mediterranean fashion.

Dinner Menu

Our dinner menu includes appetizers, pastas, signature entrées, brick-oven pizzas, and salads. Our dinner menu is available throughout the day. At Salt, we’ve departed from conventional pricing methods that are based on time of day, to focus on the dishes and the overall dining experience.

Lunch Menu

From 11AM-3PM, our lunch menu features lighter fare, pasta and sandwiches to supplement our dinner menu.

The Wine List

We take pride in our extensive and choice wine list. Carrying the torch from our sister restaurant, HIRO 88, our wine list boasts 160+ wines across 40+ varietals.

The Drinks

As eclectic as our cuisine, our drink menu includes cocktails, beers, and top shelf liquors and liqueurs that nod to local and international flavors.

Please consider supporting this Christian business.


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