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Healing Kadi Foundations mission is to bring modern, reliable, and
sustainable health care to the people of South Sudan. Our vision is healthy,
peaceful communities where injuries and disease are treated promptly, expectant
mothers and their new babies are healthy, and the elderly are comfortable.

We seek to establish a permanent medical facility in Kajo Keji, South Sudan.
This facility will provide safe, effective, and equitable patient-centered care in
a timely manner. The facility will also greatly improve the ability of residents of
Kajo Keji to access medical care.

Making Our Vision a Reality

In order to fulfill our mission, we will be focused on the following goals:

1. Create a medical system that serves the unique needs of Kajo Keji, South
2. Hiring well-trained physicians, physician’s assistants, and nurses.
Continuing the training process utilizing doctors who will visit the facility on
short-term or long-term medical mission trips.
3. Provide medical services with a holistic approach to care, open
communication, counseling, and therapeutic listening.
4. Actively engage the local population to allocate resources to the areas of
critical need.
5. Offer regular workshops for community health workers focusing on
different disease prevention strategies. These workshops can then be
replicated in local villages as a means of educating the population.
6. Educate the community on proper use and disposal of medication and
medical products.
7. Collaborate with other local resources (government, NGOs, churches,
etc.) to deliver efficient, comprehensive health care.
8. Partner with local government to establish a strong research program in
the areas of typhoid, malaria, and STI/STD/HIV prevention and treatment
as well as epidemic preparedness (example: Ebola virus).

Our address

P.O. Box 8456 Omaha, NE 68108
41.2434503, -95.93568719999996

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