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Formosa Zen, showcasing Asian cuisine and an elegant modern décor has opened at 180th and Pacific and is looking to be a favorite of diners across the Metro.  After leaving Omaha for Boston three years ago, owners Jenny and Andy Hsu have returned home and would rather be nowhere else.  The Hsu family has operated the perennially popular China Road for nearly 25 years, and Jenny and Andy are making a splash with their new tribute to their native Thailand with Formosa Zen.

Located on the southeast corner of 180th and Pacific, the location has proven to be tricky for restaurants in recent years.  Formerly the location of 94/95 as well as Tommy Calina’s, the building is not easily seen by passers-by.  Just to the east of Stories Coffeehouse, Formosa Zen is sure to have staying power once patrons in the Big O learn of it.  Jenny and the staff’s hospitality is evident, as they want everyone to be treated like family and have an experience that is far more than just grabbing a bite.  Formosa Zen’s menu features a variety of affordable entrées (a steak filet is a very reasonable $12.75), as well as feature dishes such as Lamb Chops, Chilean Sea Bass and a Green Ocean Seafood Delight.  A kids’ menu is available as well, and diners may call ahead for carry out.

Andy Hsu is the Head Chef and has taken a number of favorites from the China Road menu and made them very much his own.  With Formosa Zen’s menu, the result is a much lighter dish than what is typically found in Asian fare, as Chef Hsu does not fry in oil… instead, the vegetables are grilled, providing a much healthier option.  Gluten free options are available as well.

“…the atmosphere is modern, sleek and comfortable… and you won’t find a more welcoming staff.  Formosa zen should be at the top of anyone’s list in Omaha for Asian cuisine…”

Formosa Zen has a full bar and a large selection of teas.  Whether you’re looking for a swanky spot for happy hour, or a comforting location for lunch or diner, you won’t be disappointed.  Much like the island of Taiwan was found hidden within the western edge of the Pacific ocean, Formosa Zen is a hidden gem on Western Pacific Street.  However, its not likely that it will remain a secret for long.

Formosa Zen
17903 Pierce Plaza
Omaha, NE  68130


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formosa zen asian fusion omaha ne

formosa zen asian fusion omaha ne

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Quality of Food/Product
2015-12-14 16:51:37
Streamlined Americanized Asian food. It's typically dominated by a singularly greasy flavor. Not something that one would associate with fine dining. Formoza Zen challenges this mediocre presentation of Asian food with stark contrast. Upon walking into the restaurant, one can feel the difference. The food has distinct flavors, and the decor feels much like a fine dining "sit-down" restaurant. If you expect authentic Asian food to be of a typical monotone flavor, you will be pleasantly surprised when you enjoy your first meal at Formoza Zen.
2015-07-27 13:18:45
Our favorite Asian restaurant in Omaha. It's not even close. I had an amazing curry dish last night that was nice and spicy. They'll make anything you want here.
2015-05-09 12:59:33
We were pleasantly surprised with the thoughtfulness that went into the preparation of our dishes. Jennifer and Andy have "healthy" Asian to a whole new level!
2015-04-29 19:57:26
This a must for fans of Asian fare in Omaha… very cool vibe, and the staff are incredible! Its tucked back on 180th and Pacific and not visible from the street, so if you don’t know about it, you could miss it. To miss it would be a shame, because Formosa zen is a gem, and they have happy hour too! This is EXACTLY the type of affordable restaurant that West Omaha has been looking for. Do yourself a favor and stop in for lunch or dinner ~ You may just find yourself a new favorite!

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  1. Thank you to 316 Marketplace for promoting such outstanding businesses… Formosa zen is the perfect example of outstanding service and friendly atmosphere. Kudos to businesses doing it right

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