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Candlefire Films is a production company that focuses on producing feature-length films. Our ultimate goal is to provide recognizable competition to mainstream Hollywood studios. Every industry needs competition to ensure quality will be maintained. Without legitimate competition, we believe the film industry is declining. With our focus on quality, meaningful films, we believe we can eventually change the course of the film industry. 
Candlefire Films also offers quality, affordable video production and photography for small businesses in the Omaha area. We specialize in discovering the tangible and intangible qualities of your business and communicate them to your customers. No budget is too small for us! We’ll find a way to make the most out of what you can afford!At Candlefire Films, we do not believe messages are enough, or that overindulgence through base humor, violence without purpose, and sexual references and actions can replace good stories. Rather, we believe that good stories depict realistic characters facinginsurmountable obstacles, displaying heroic courage, and confronting a variety of vices and flaws. In the end, our characters are transformed from the common man to a hero in their own world. We don’t want to only send a message, we don’t want to just entertain: We want to inspire you to make positive change in the world, one movie at a time.Real characters, Real choices, Real movies.That’s Candlefire Films.- – –

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