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In today’s competitive marketplace it’s imperative you have a strong web presence. Whether you have a bustling online business or a faith based non-profit you will need a web-site that can stand among the rest! The quality of your website oftentimes reflects the quality of the product you sell or the service you advertise. In speaking with many business owners we found the most significant reason for their lack of a quality web presence was twofold: cost and lack of expertise. The highly competitive market of larger companies forced prices upward, making it nearly impossible for smaller companies to afford the cost of a beautiful and highly functional website.

It was for this reason that Eric English founded Innovate Web Development five years ago. Not only is there a significant need within the web design industry to provide affordable web development services, but also to provide first-class custom support that treats everyone with dignity and respect.

The team recently met up with Eric at Tri-Pointe Coffeehouse in Omaha, a local Christian business. Eric’s passion to see small businesses establish a strong web presence as well as thrive in a highly competitive market is what makes Innovate Web Development so successful today.

In researching the needs of their clients, Eric found that far too many business owners have had  poor experiences working with other web development companies in the past. This has motivated Eric to provide the highest quality of customer support to all clients no matter what services they have purchased, no matter how long they have been a client, or whose company they belong to.

“We will never recommend things you don’t need, and will always treat you and your ideas with dignity and respect.”

~ Eric English, Founder of Innovate Web Development

It was apparent during our recent visit that Eric believes in beautiful web-designs. Many companies struggle with a balance between functionality and beauty. Eric and his team use their gifts and creativity to the customer’s benefit. During our visit we discussed their creative web development & design layout for Tripointe Coffeehouse. All their gifts glorifying God! 

Eric also recognizes the importance of faith within our local community. Faith is important to Eric and his team at Innovate Web Development as well. So, whether it’s through a special discount or some free advice Eric will support local faith communities.

Innovate has a strong desire to see local faith based organizations be successful!

You can count on Innovate Web Development to conduct themselves with high moral character and integrity. They will never recommend things you don’t need, and will always treat you and your ideas with dignity and respect.

We recommend you give Eric a call at 402-210-8136 and tell him the sent you! 



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