Have a Plan for your Marketing

I have often heard it said, “if you fail to plan, you plan to fail.”  This is true in so many aspects of life, and in marketing your business it’s no different.  I have sat with literally dozens of business owners who had been doing the same thing for years without really planning, analyzing and then adjusting the plan.

The plan might have been “put an ad in the yellow pages” because that’s what I did last year.  Or it might have simply been “I know I need to get my business online, so I’ll build a website.”  Then they proceeded to build a website without thought to what their demographic was, how it was going to be promoted, or what supporting updates it was going to need.

This type of shotgun approach happens in businesses large and small.  How do you remedy this?  Once you have the marketing assessment completed, you’ll have a better idea of the weaknesses in your current plan, or lack of it.  Fill in the holes by putting together a calendar of annual creation of content on a monthly basis and the tactics you will use to promote that content, who will do it and the timeline for completion.  This makes it easy for you to keep people responsible for individual parts of the marketing plan accountable for the actions.

Additionally the plan should allow for fluid release of content as changes in the market take place, so you can play off of significant events.  It doesn’t have to be on as grand scale as Oreo’s twitter but it’s good to be able to be a little bit spontaneous.

At 316Marketplace.com, we love to help you with your small business marketing strategy, please contact us, we’d love to learn more about your needs and help you put together the all-important marketing plan for your local Omaha business or a national one to help your business grow.


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