Google + for Christian Business Owners - Now!

Do you want to be part of a vibrant social network platform perfectly suited for your Christian business? The Google + platform should be considered now!

There has been much written about Facebook and Twitter this past couple of years. So much so, that it is has bee hard to keep up! The sheer size of Facebook and its global usage is mind boggling. The growth of Twitter is on a blistering pace.  The Christian business owner scrambles to keep up with all of the updates, changes and policies.

While you were listening to these two social network titans saber rattle there was a social network quietly sneaking up! Did you know Google + boasts over 300 million active users and recently took over the second largest social network online! Are you shocked?

The 316 team predicted this in March of 2013. Our team strongly believed Google + would become a vibrant force in social networking for Christian businesses!

In the last few days many in the Google + world have been concerned about the recent departure of Vic Gundotra who was the driving force behind the Google + platform. We don’t believe there is reason for concern. Google has invested far too much money into this platform to let it die on the vine. They have a solid team in place. Don’t spend any time worrying about the future of this dynamic social platform.

As a Christian business owner, you are wondering if you even need Google +! Right? If you’re promoting yourself on Facebook and Twitter, do you really need to be on Google+? The quickest answer is, absolutely! Christian business owners need to carve out time to learn more about this dynamic platform that indexes quicker, offers greater flexibility, doesn’t limit your content, integrates the world’s largest video platform and gives you the tools to accurately target posts to colleagues and faith driven consumers throughout the world.

Take a moment to consider the following this morning:

Posts on Google + Are Indexed Quickly

We’ve preached this for a year now with our Christian businesses. While it may not seem fair when thinking about how posts on Facebook or Twitter are indexed, this is Google! Take a moment to consider this from Google’s vantage point. Why wouldn’t they give a special nod to those using their own social platform? As a Christian business owner, it’s important you not only utilize the G+ platform but create a YouTube channel. We’ve found the Christian business owner stands to benefit greatly from using the world’s largest video platform. The bottom line is you can give yourself a significant leap in search results! The beast that is the Google search engine looks at your entire body of work. If the Christian business owner is being seen everywhere on its own network, then it stands to reason they will pay more attention, index you more quickly and pass this valuable information on to those searching for your Christian business!

Hangouts on Air Gaining Users Earning Huge Advantages!

This may take a leap of faith for some of you reading this. Take our word. It’s worth the effort to test out Google hangouts and hangouts on air. Most computers today are well equipped and you can get started immediately. A Google + account and a webcam are all that’s needed to begin live streaming video business meetings with multiple people across the globe. You’ve instantly given yourself the opportunity to work globally from the comfort of your own home or office. These hangouts can be hosted on G+, YouTube or even your own business website. These hangouts can be recorded for private or public viewing. You are only limited to your own creativity! We would love to hear how Google hangouts can help you connect and synergize with other Christian business leaders!

Intentional Targeting with Google+

Google + created Circles so you can effectively market your products, services and posts effectively. They really want you in the driver’s seat. You are given the opportunity to create folders with names on them. Google refers to these folders as “Circles” and it gives you the opportunity to directly market these posts to specific individuals or groups. Those listed in your circles will never know which circle they have been placed in and for what reason.

Google + has been misunderstood by many Christian business owners in the past. Yes, it is radically different than Facebook or Twitter. Take the time to learn how best to you this dynamic platform in your Christian business. Google will continue to invest the money necessary to add services and improve the experience for the Christian business owner.

Signing up for a Google + page is easier than ever before. Follow this link:

Now create a YouTube channel, test out Google hangouts and start connecting with faith driven leaders and consumers throughout the world! Don’t forget to tell them about

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