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Secret Admirer Helps Family-Run Bakery

Secret Business Admirer Helps Family-Run Cupcake Bakery

By Annemarie Burton

It was a typical Friday morning at Mockingbird Cupcakes, a specialty cupcake bakery in west Omaha run by twin sisters Sarah Alsup and Rachael Henderson. The smell of baking cupcakes wafted through the air, mixers whirred in the kitchen, and freshly frosted cupcakes glistened through the glass display.

Then something unexpected happened at the bakery.

Three men walked into the bakery and presented co-owner Alsup with a gift bag containing a child-size t-shirt. On the front was a stick drawing her five-year-old son Christopher had made. On the back was a digitally transformed version of his drawing: a cupcake creature wearing an apron with the Mockingbird Cupcakes logo on it.

“To see my youngest son’s artwork displayed on a t-shirt moved me almost instantly to tears,” Alsup said.

One of the men identified himself as Joseph Kenney, of 316 Marketplace, a marketing company that connects faith-based consumers with like-minded businesses. Kenney explained that he and his team had been providing free marketing services to Mockingbird Cupcakes for a year without notifying them. They believed their work had generated several thousand dollars for the company.

 “I was overcome with emotion,” Alsup recalled later. “I walked over to Joe to give him a hug, thanking him for his generosity. Tears rolled down my cheeks.”

During regular visits to the bakery, Kenney sampled many cupcakes, which he highly recommends. “You can tell they use real ingredients,” he said. “No box mixes here.”

Kenney also observed the sisters’ “unwavering work ethic and Christ-like mentality” when interacting with the public, their employees and each other. “They are Christ-centered people who are wonderful but unafraid to show their imperfections,” he said. “They’re real people. And so are their cupcakes.”

When he heard the bakery was struggling to build its customer base in a saturated market, he wanted to help.

 “316 is dedicated to revealing the unique character attributes of faith-driven businesses in the community,” Kenney said. “We are also committed to using our resources, when manageable, to provide services to those businesses who need a little helping hand. Often we do this unsolicited and we never meet.”

Secretly 316 Marketplace expanded Mockingbird Cupcakes’ digital presence online via Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and online reviews. They included the company in their online directories, which are valued at over $1,000, to drive more customers to the small local business.

Alsup and Henderson started to notice positive reviews on their social media accounts. “Conversations about Mockingbird were taking place in the digital sphere,” Alsup said, “and we couldn’t identify the catalyst of this welcomed publicity!”

The dream of operating their own bakery came true when the two stay-at-home-moms opened Mockingbird Cupcakes in 2013. They specialize in made-from-scratch cupcakes, cakes and pies and also offer catering and decorating parties. Their diverse menu, posted on their website, includes cupcakes called Breakfast in Bed, Razzamataz, Pink Bubbly, and Tequila Mockingbird, as well as seasonal flavors like Pumpkin Pie.

While savoring an Almond Sweetie cupcake one day, Kenney saw Christopher’s stick drawing hanging on the menu board and snapped a picture of it with his phone. That’s when he got the idea to collaborate with Creatureland Studio, a local design company that transforms children’s artwork into imaginative digital prints, and reveal his secret marketing work to Alsup and Henderson.

Using the photo, Martin Bruckner, owner of Creatureland Studio, created the cupcake character, calling it a “mustachioed, attitude-filled little pastry.” In addition to the t-shirt, Bruckner presented the sisters with a framed copy of the character print and a certificate of authenticity.

Creatureland Studio Mockingbird Cupcake

“Both women were so very gracious and thankful,” Bruckner said. “It was truly a priceless experience for me, and I felt that I had instantly gained two friends that will last a lifetime.”

Aaron Kessler, photographer and owner of Candlefire Films, was also invited to this supportive gathering of local businesses. Candlefire Films produces feature-length films and offers video and photography services for Omaha businesses. Kessler photographed the encounter at no cost and was impressed by the “Omaha spirit of collaboration” he witnessed.

 “Both Creatureland and 316 sell these services to keep their businesses running,” Kessler said, “but for Mockingbird Cupcakes, they offered them completely for free, touching the hearts of owners Sarah and Rachael.”

Creatureland Studio and Candlefire Films have both worked with 316 Marketplace to enhance their marketing strategies, but this time they were the ones paying it forward for this unique bakery in Omaha.

“The generosity of both Joe and Marty to do this for someone they don’t even know is phenomenal,” Alsup said. “The experience was truly magical. I truly believe the Holy Spirit was present in our exchange.”

MockingBird Cupcakes 316Marketplace

Henderson also expressed gratitude for Kenney and his “almost unbelievable acts of kindness” that have helped them realize their dream. She said she appreciates the small business collaboration shown by 316 Marketplace, Creatureland Studio and Candlefire Films.


 “Meeting Joe, Marty and Aaron made us feel a part of something,” Henderson said. “A club of entrepreneurs who only want each other to succeed. This feeling makes coming in at 6:00 a.m. to bake the cupcakes easier.”



316Marketplace.Com and Mockingbird Cupcakes

We encourage everyone in the #Omaha area to prayerfully consider stopping in to the bakery for a cupcake. Don’t forget to introduce yourself to Sarah and Rachael. You won’t be disappointed. You will be treated with dignity and respect. They make incredible cupcakes!


Bakery Address: 17306 Lakeside Hills Plaza, Omaha, NE 68130

Bakery Phone:(402) 850-8548





The Entrepreneur Map Is A Great Opportunity For Business Owners Everywhere

We recently discovered a new tool for entrepreneurs. We reached out to Justin Grounds, founder of The Entrepreneur Map (EM), and learned how this easy to use tool can help #Christian entrepreneurs everywhere! What is The Entrepreneur Map? It is a Google Maps / geo location based website application that provides free advertising and promotional tools for individuals, small businesses and entrepreneurs everywhere. The Entrepreneur Map is not listed as a Christian based business but we thought the promotional value of this free tool was too great not to report on.

Grounds explained, their current marketing process is this, when someone registers on the EM, they actively promote the EM in their specific geo location using social media marketing. This attracts other entrepreneurs, individuals and business owners residing in their location to visit the EM and view the new member’s information, promotional video and or banner, as well as other members in the web visitor’s location, and also to possibly register themselves. This increases the value for the members by attracting potential clients and contacts for the new member’s products and services.

 If you have an intro, demo, or promotional video – it will be featured and all visitors within a 30 MILE RADIUS of your location will view it – and it’s FREE! ~ Justin Grounds

We thought the Entrepreneur Map was a great opportunity for #Christian entrepreneurs to connect with like-minded customers across the globe. 316Marketplace.Com has witnessed the team at EM promoting businesses on all the major social media. This constant promotion provides much needed juice to fuel to direct traffic to these courageous entrepreneurs.

Going forward, in order to gain real internet traction and get the Entrepreneur Map name and services out there to be found by the millions of bootstrapping individuals and small businesses that would benefit from the free services that the EM offers, they will no doubt need to generate a paid advertising and admin budget.

Justin and his team wish to keep the EM services free for all who see the value of jumping on and becoming members. After all, it is mainly targeted at those who are endeavoring to build a business for themselves and their families in difficult economic times.

Do you have a partnership idea or a sponsorship offer for Entrepreneurial Map? Grounds remains open to ideas and opportunities and is focused on growing the scope and reach of the Entrepreneur Map.

We encourage #Christian business owners to prayerfully consider tools like the Entrepreneur Map or a local #ChristianBusinessDirectory like www.316Marketplace.Com. We pray that God may continue to richly bless Justin’s entrepreneurial endeavor and look forward to updates in the near future.

Rejuvenating Women Focuses on Faith & Forgiveness

Forgiveness Is Key to Christian Non-Profit

Rejuvenating women is a Nebraska non profit organization for women who are hurting from one or multiple things that have occurred in their past. This Christian organization focuses on forgiveness and offers Bible studies, open forum discussions, one-on-one mentoring and counseling to women in the Omaha community.

“To endure suffering, one needs to focus on forgiveness.”

Julie Shrader, President of Rejuvenating Women

Julie Shrader, President of Rejuvenating Women, travels throughout the Omaha Metropolitan area tells her personal story. Julie is a regular on the local speaking circuit and speaks about many topics including:

  • Releasing and freedom of shame and guilt in our past (how to heal)
  • Share my Testimony – (before I trusted Christ, how I surrendered to him, and the – difference since I’ve been walking with him.)–Revelation 12:11 says we overcome our enemy be the blood of the Lamb and by the word of our testimony.
  • Human Trafficking which includes; Prostitution, Escort Services and Stripping
  • Our team counsels victims of Rape, Molestation, Incest and Sex Addictions
  • Abortion, Teen Pregnancy, and the Love of Adoption
  • Physical and Mental Abuse and how it destroys and molds you
  • Drug and Alcohol Addictions
  • How to Forgive Yourself and Others (The Love and Forgiveness of Jesus)
  • Sexual Purity and what is biblical (Great for Teens)
  • Marital Issues (Infidelity) and Relationship Issues
  • Self Worth (Feeling Worthy of God’s love), Self-Esteem and Depression
  • How to deal and live with “Dysfunctional Home” (Fatherless?)

Shrader explains that around the world and in our own community, women and girls often suffer from violence, shame, sexual exploitation, feelings of unworthiness, anger and resentment.  This occurs even toward others who are often members of their own family.

Rejuvenating women is a community of people dedicated to breaking down barriers of shame and guilt. They accomplish this by raising awareness of the power and forgiveness of Jesus Christ.  Through His love and grace, they too can overcome their past and inspire others.  Rejuvenating Women is founded on God and puts Jesus in the center of all that they do.  They focus on the power of Christ’s forgiveness that He gives to us and we are to extend that same forgiveness to others. The Bible is clear on the issue of forgiveness and how crucial it is for us to forgive those whom have hurt us and caused deep wounds in our hearts.  Shrader explains we may get angry and feel like getting revenge, but God says to NOT sin in your anger and HE will get revenge, it is not up to us to do. Shrader believes women need to step out in faith and let God fight for us.

“And whenever you stand praying, forgive, if you have anything against anyone, so that your Father also who is in heaven may forgive you your trespasses.” – Mark 11:25

The Bible tells us that the Holy Spirit comes into our heart and begins to change us and that our sins will be washed away clean and white as snow.

“And you also were included in Christ when you heard the message of truth, the gospel of your salvation. When you believed, you were marked in him with a seal, the promised Holy Spirit.” – Ephesians 1:13

“Come now, let us settle the matter,” says the LORD. “Though your sins are like scarlet, they shall be as white as snow; though they are red as crimson, they shall be like wool. – Isaiah 1:18

Rejuvenating Women also works to increase community awareness and coordinate the identification of human trafficking, assist in community education, advocacy, provision of culturally and linguistically sensitive victim services, and efforts to ensure the investigation and prosecution of human traffickers. Rejuvenating women provides a Bible-based context, in which women trapped in modern day slavery and/or survivors of human trafficking are given HOPE, safety, anonymity, security and freedom.  Shrader has worked diligently to partner with government agencies and community organizations; including the FBI, International Justice Mission (IJM) and the Lydia House, in order to better support and help prostituted women and girls escaping violence.

It is Julie’s hope that women will be able to face their past hurts and mistakes and learn how to forgive.  She believes when we can come to a place of confession and forgiveness, the healing process begins.  Forgiveness is a gift if you are willing to confess it and receive it.  It is there that you may start living a life of emotional freedom and a life that God intends for you to live.

“Forgiven people must be forgiving people.”

To volunteer or if you have questions for or about the organization, please call or email Julie and her team at; Phone: (402) 522-6811


Your donation is tax deductible and it funds our outreach for women through media, group and single studies, mentoring and counseling services, training, educational materials, events, transportation to and from women’s shelter and correctional facilities to talk with inmates, growth of the ministry, and much more.

Your secure online donation is made through PayPal OR you can mail your donation to:

Rejuvenating Women

P.O. Box 207

Boys Town, NE  68010

(A receipt will be mailed to you for your taxes.  Never mail cash!)

Prayerfully consider using and the Omaha Christian Business Directory.

The Influential Christian CEO

Your pastor has greater influence over you than your Christian CEO, right?


Not so fast. Take a minute to consider how little time Americans spend with their pastors. Those attending church in America spend an average of 15 minutes or less listening to weekly sermons. Conversely, the average American working in corporate America is under the influence of his Christian CEO in excess of 45 hours per week. Christian business leaders are highly influential in the marketplace. According to Crown Business, less than 20% of Americans attend church services regularly but over 60% of Americans are employed and go to work each day. CEOs have a tremendous opportunity to lead by example and evangelize in the marketplace. Their influence on non-believers is significant, American businesses employ a

diverse cross section of faiths and backgrounds. Kingdom businesses exhibit far more influence on the daily lives of non-believers than a typical pastor does his flock. Christian CEOS are responsible for creating company culture, setting company policies, sourcing vendors, signing checks, hiring team members and developing a company mission. Take a minute out of your workday to thank your CEO for their Christian leadership. & are great resources for business owners and CEOs seeking further guidance and information.


Source: Crown Business


HETRA Impacts Community for 25 Years


Heartland Equine Therapeutic Riding Academy (HETRA) 25 Year Celebration & Open House

Omaha, Nebraska – September 10, 2014

Heartland Equine Therapeutic Riding Academy has been serving the Omaha/Metro area for 25 years… after years of doing so out of two smaller, separate privately owned facilities in Valley and Omaha, HETRA has moved to its new location in Gretna and would like you to celebrate with them!  On Saturday, September 13th from 4:00-8:00 pm there will be tours of the new facility, therapeutic riding demonstrations and the unveiling of the new Mustaches 4 Kids Omaha Barn ~ (Huskers don’t play until 9:30 pm)

There will be free beer, wine and soft drinks along with music, free food, snacks and games for kids.  HETRA moved to the Gretna location in June of 2014, with much thanks to the local Omaha chapter of Mustaches 4 Kids, who helped raise the funds to make the move possible.  HETRA’s mission is to improve the quality of life both physically and emotionally of adults and children with disabilities through equine assisted activities.  HETRA also provides services to Veterans at no cost.  Come out and meet the HETRA staff and horses!

Key HETRA staff will be on hand to discuss the many triumphs and celebrate the countless successes over the past 25 years, as well as to provide insight regarding the organization’s exciting future.


Christopher Slater

HETRA Program and Facility Expansion Project Manager                                                                                                            





Davita Selects HETRA to Send Large Volunteer Force

Heartland Equine Therapeutic Riding Academy


 Press Release

 HETRA HAS MOVED to 10130 South 222nd Street in Gretna.  HETRA is now in its 25th year of serving the Omaha/Metro community, and after having operated for so many years out of two separate locations in Valley and Omaha, we have found our new home.

On THURSDAY August 21st, HETRA is expecting nearly 300 volunteers from DaVita Dialysis locations from across the country to help us make our new location feel like home.  This will be a huge undertaking, with projects being completed all over the facility’s 25 acres.  Projects include painting, cleaning, building, landscaping, and renovations.  Media will have the opportunity to see the project before and after, as well as speak with a variety of volunteers as well as key HETRA staff about the project and the organization’s mission improve the quality of life both physically and emotionally of adults and children with disabilities through equine assisted activities.

Date of event is Thursday August 21, 2014 from 8 am to Noon at HETRA’s new facility, 10130 S 222nd Street, Gretna, NE

DaVita Dialysis selects one organization annually to provide a large scale volunteer force, and HETRA is honored and humbled by the opportunity.  This will undoubtedly be huge undertaking.

Heartland Equine Therapeutic Riding Academy, HETRA has been serving the community since 1989.  HETRA’s mission is to improve the quality of life both physically and emotionally of adults and children with disabilities through equine assisted activities.

Business website:   Phone number: 402-359-8830

 Please feel free to contact;

Christopher Slater, HETRA Program & Facility Expansion Project Manager, at 402-957-0238, or at

Learn about other similar stories at

Christian Business Owners Look to Jeremiah 29:11

Christian Business Owners find inspiration in scripture. Jeremiah 29:11 provides a dose of encouragement for your work day.

Many of us who operate small businesses can feel overwhelmed and it’s easy to let despair take root. Despair, not a fruit of the Lord, sets in when Christian entrepreneurs are tired, become too busy and…forget to pray.

As lay people Christian business owners are called to evangelize in the marketplace. Running your small business is a spiritual journey more than it is anything else. The Christian business owner is challenged, tested, and attacked on a daily basis. It’s important we set time aside for prayer and reflection on scripture. Jeremiah 29:11 provides the spiritual nourishment needed to keep despair at bay. When you read it, you will feel encouraged.

As lay people Christian business owners are called to evangelize in the marketplace.

In order to have a successful business, you must trust in the Lord. God’s will is what is best for you and your Christian business. There will be times you will be frustrated and ready to give up. There will be times you don’t understand why things are happening in your business, but God is always trying to teach and protect us. Having faith in God requires you having faith in His timing!

Take a moment out of each business day to reflect on Jeremiah 29:11. This verse will serve you well personally and professionally. Fellowship with other courageous witnesses in the marketplace.


Prayerfully consider connecting with us!




Google + for Christian Business Owners - Now!

Do you want to be part of a vibrant social network platform perfectly suited for your Christian business? The Google + platform should be considered now!

There has been much written about Facebook and Twitter this past couple of years. So much so, that it is has bee hard to keep up! The sheer size of Facebook and its global usage is mind boggling. The growth of Twitter is on a blistering pace.  The Christian business owner scrambles to keep up with all of the updates, changes and policies.

While you were listening to these two social network titans saber rattle there was a social network quietly sneaking up! Did you know Google + boasts over 300 million active users and recently took over the second largest social network online! Are you shocked?

The 316 team predicted this in March of 2013. Our team strongly believed Google + would become a vibrant force in social networking for Christian businesses!

In the last few days many in the Google + world have been concerned about the recent departure of Vic Gundotra who was the driving force behind the Google + platform. We don’t believe there is reason for concern. Google has invested far too much money into this platform to let it die on the vine. They have a solid team in place. Don’t spend any time worrying about the future of this dynamic social platform.

As a Christian business owner, you are wondering if you even need Google +! Right? If you’re promoting yourself on Facebook and Twitter, do you really need to be on Google+? The quickest answer is, absolutely! Christian business owners need to carve out time to learn more about this dynamic platform that indexes quicker, offers greater flexibility, doesn’t limit your content, integrates the world’s largest video platform and gives you the tools to accurately target posts to colleagues and faith driven consumers throughout the world.

Take a moment to consider the following this morning:

Posts on Google + Are Indexed Quickly

We’ve preached this for a year now with our Christian businesses. While it may not seem fair when thinking about how posts on Facebook or Twitter are indexed, this is Google! Take a moment to consider this from Google’s vantage point. Why wouldn’t they give a special nod to those using their own social platform? As a Christian business owner, it’s important you not only utilize the G+ platform but create a YouTube channel. We’ve found the Christian business owner stands to benefit greatly from using the world’s largest video platform. The bottom line is you can give yourself a significant leap in search results! The beast that is the Google search engine looks at your entire body of work. If the Christian business owner is being seen everywhere on its own network, then it stands to reason they will pay more attention, index you more quickly and pass this valuable information on to those searching for your Christian business!

Hangouts on Air Gaining Users Earning Huge Advantages!

This may take a leap of faith for some of you reading this. Take our word. It’s worth the effort to test out Google hangouts and hangouts on air. Most computers today are well equipped and you can get started immediately. A Google + account and a webcam are all that’s needed to begin live streaming video business meetings with multiple people across the globe. You’ve instantly given yourself the opportunity to work globally from the comfort of your own home or office. These hangouts can be hosted on G+, YouTube or even your own business website. These hangouts can be recorded for private or public viewing. You are only limited to your own creativity! We would love to hear how Google hangouts can help you connect and synergize with other Christian business leaders!

Intentional Targeting with Google+

Google + created Circles so you can effectively market your products, services and posts effectively. They really want you in the driver’s seat. You are given the opportunity to create folders with names on them. Google refers to these folders as “Circles” and it gives you the opportunity to directly market these posts to specific individuals or groups. Those listed in your circles will never know which circle they have been placed in and for what reason.

Google + has been misunderstood by many Christian business owners in the past. Yes, it is radically different than Facebook or Twitter. Take the time to learn how best to you this dynamic platform in your Christian business. Google will continue to invest the money necessary to add services and improve the experience for the Christian business owner.

Signing up for a Google + page is easier than ever before. Follow this link:

Now create a YouTube channel, test out Google hangouts and start connecting with faith driven leaders and consumers throughout the world! Don’t forget to tell them about

Three Tips To Community Building

Every business owner wants to build a community around their brand. Here are three quick tips to help you lay the foundation.

Build a Targeted Christian Community

The first building block is to build a community of brothers and sisters in Christ who deeply care about who you are and what your company is offering.

Set all of the social media noise aside for just a minute. Do you have a group of people that care about you? Friends? Family members? Church members? Colleagues? Net working groups? If you answered yes to any of these then you have a starting point. Once you have a starting point, you can start building your audience on one or several of the social media platforms.

You must be realistic, though. You can’t do everything! Taking a shotgun approach and trying to quickly build a large, robust social media community across multiple social platforms won’t be helpful. In fact, you will quickly find yourself discouraged. A more effective approach for the Christian entrepreneur is to build a targeted community. How do you build out a targeted Christian community?


The 316 team believes you start to build a robust community through organic techniques. You must write authentic and useful content that is perfectly suited for the audience you wish to reach. One of the first exercises we recommend is creating a top 100 list of questions your customers have about your product or service. Answering these questions is the lifeblood for connecting with your customer base. If you consistently connect with your audience with useful information, you will build brand awareness. You will naturally attract this audience to your brand. Be sure to identify the key influencers in your audience. Be sure to leverage these relationships when appropriate.

Team Captains

The second step is often under utilized and a key to a successful social media foundation. The establishment of team captains is critical for a successful campaign launch. These are friends, church leaders, pastors, colleagues or family members that are well connected in various market segments. Most importantly they are passionate about you and what you are doing!

For purposes of this article we will use 316Marketplace as an example to follow:

1. Ask your captains to get social with your primary social media platforms. Choose one or two social media outlets to focus on. In this example, we will use Facebook and Twitter as the primary social media platforms. Be sure to spell it all out for the captains.

“Like” on Facebook and “follow” @316Marketplace on Twitter

2. Request your team captains engage with online groups that are like minded in faith and beliefs. 

Did you know that you can engage with other Christian fan pages and make a significant impact on This is a great way to build brand awareness among like-minded Christian companies and their followers. Simple acts of “liking” a Facebook post and making positive comments about can really have a ripple effect!

Sample comment: “Your coffee looks amazing! Thank you Lifeboat Coffee for providing amazing coffee that is #prolife.

3. Utilize #hashtags

Hash-tags (the pound sign #) are universally used on Twitter and are now gaining popularity on Facebook and Google +. They are not only good for searches, they also help target your audience and can lead to more re tweets. For example, if you post a comment about and add the hash-tag #christianbusiness, then anyone looking for resources or information on Christian business has a greater chance of finding yours and re tweeting it or even better contacting and placing an order!

The more targeted and accurate your hash-tag use, the more targeted followers you’re likely going to pull towards! Be sure to leverage hash-tags when appropriate so all your content is categorized correctly and easy to search for later.

Here are acceptable #hashtags to use when discussing or commenting about 316marketplace on Twitter, Facebook or Google +:

#christianbusiness #christiandirectory #316 #316matters

When you visit your home page on twitter, there is a box with “trending topics.” Take a moment to see what is trending. Then, if at all possible join into the conversation on a trending topic. To do this, include the trending topic as a hash-tag in your tweet. You can also check commonly used #hashtags with the search tool in the upper right hand corner of Twitter.

Engagement is the key to building a strong digital presence!

It is important to keep it social. Thus, when you write a post, tag others and add a personal reason why you thought they’d like it.

Example: I can tell you are passionate about #christianbusiness and thought you would appreciate knowing about 316 Marketplace. Check them out at

This technique gets your post on their wall and it increases the likelihood that they will respond in kind and better yet, re tweet the post to their Christian network! The search will pull up the most recent conversations or tweets that have utilized #christianbusiness. Each of these tweets and conversations are perfect opportunities to engage, inform and educate other Christian business advocates about the mission of! Simply “like” with a “reply” about 316!

#5 Share Web-site, Facebook/Twitter pages through your websites and blogs.

Many of your captains will have personal & business websites or have a personal contacts in their networks who doe. These resources are extremely valuable to the creation of a solid social media presence in the digital marketplace. Don’t be shy. Go ahead and ask your captains to do the following:

1. Include a link on your web-site
2. Write an article about 316 on your blog
3. Include links to the 316Marketplace Facebook, & Twitter pages on your web-site
4. Include a banner ad on your web-site when appropriate

Paid Advertising or Community-Building 

Paid advertising is the third step to building a solid foundation. Community-building via paid advertising is traditionally much faster than its organic counterpart if you have a budget that allows for it. It’s important to note this audience doesn’t know you and isn’t emotionally or personally invested in you. Paid advertising is necessary for a successful community build.

The primary social media platform (Facebook and Twitter) provide excellent opportunities to really drill down and target the Christian audience you are seeking. By leveraging these paid advertising resources, your growth can sky-rocket. Your Christian community will grow significantly in the weeks and months ahead. We recommend starting with Facebook ads to help build a targeted faith based community. Facebook has an easy to use advertising program.

Community Building Takes Time

Building a faith based community seeking Christian resources, products and services does take time. We strongly urge you to build a community anchored by: focusing on delivering high quality content, be useful to your audience, and deliver the information in a manner that will keep them engaged!



Innovate Web Development - Treating You With Dignity & Respect

In today’s competitive marketplace it’s imperative you have a strong web presence. Whether you have a bustling online business or a faith based non-profit you will need a web-site that can stand among the rest! The quality of your website oftentimes reflects the quality of the product you sell or the service you advertise. In speaking with many business owners we found the most significant reason for their lack of a quality web presence was twofold: cost and lack of expertise. The highly competitive market of larger companies forced prices upward, making it nearly impossible for smaller companies to afford the cost of a beautiful and highly functional website.

It was for this reason that Eric English founded Innovate Web Development five years ago. Not only is there a significant need within the web design industry to provide affordable web development services, but also to provide first-class custom support that treats everyone with dignity and respect.

The team recently met up with Eric at Tri-Pointe Coffeehouse in Omaha, a local Christian business. Eric’s passion to see small businesses establish a strong web presence as well as thrive in a highly competitive market is what makes Innovate Web Development so successful today.

In researching the needs of their clients, Eric found that far too many business owners have had  poor experiences working with other web development companies in the past. This has motivated Eric to provide the highest quality of customer support to all clients no matter what services they have purchased, no matter how long they have been a client, or whose company they belong to.

“We will never recommend things you don’t need, and will always treat you and your ideas with dignity and respect.”

~ Eric English, Founder of Innovate Web Development

It was apparent during our recent visit that Eric believes in beautiful web-designs. Many companies struggle with a balance between functionality and beauty. Eric and his team use their gifts and creativity to the customer’s benefit. During our visit we discussed their creative web development & design layout for Tripointe Coffeehouse. All their gifts glorifying God! 

Eric also recognizes the importance of faith within our local community. Faith is important to Eric and his team at Innovate Web Development as well. So, whether it’s through a special discount or some free advice Eric will support local faith communities.

Innovate has a strong desire to see local faith based organizations be successful!

You can count on Innovate Web Development to conduct themselves with high moral character and integrity. They will never recommend things you don’t need, and will always treat you and your ideas with dignity and respect.

We recommend you give Eric a call at 402-210-8136 and tell him the sent you!