'Beautifully Broken' to Provide Support In Battle Against Human Trafficking

Rejuvenating Women Receiving Strong Show of Support From Local Christian Business

By Brian Lahm

An Omaha-area Christian business, 316Marketplace.com, is providing strong ongoing support for Rejuvenating Women and its upcoming fundraising banquet, “Beautifully Broken,” and is encouraging others in the Omaha community to do the same.

Joseph Kenney, founder and president of 316Marketplace.com, points out that Rejuvenating Women is holding “Beautifully Broken” to draw attention to human trafficking in the Omaha area and support Rejuvenating Women’s efforts to help entrapped women and girls through the love of Jesus Christ and Scriptures. The three-year-old non-profit organization needs more backing to battle a scourge to the metro area that is seldom discussed and often goes undetected.

Above all, Rejuvenating Women President Julie Shrader is seeking prayer support during the group’s inaugural fund-raiser Thursday, Oct. 1, from 6 to 9 p.m. at A View on State at 13467 State Street in northwest Omaha.

“We want to educate the public about what is behind the heart and mind of this insidious criminal conduct that has tragic outcomes unless these women and girls can be helped. There is still an outdated and inaccurate mentality that prostitution is done by choice. Most often, it is an activity that comes out of desperation and circumstances and then ends up in enslavement,” said Julie, who started Rejuvenating Women and is ramping up efforts to provide many forms of assistance to those who are attempting to leave the lifestyle that is forced on them.

“Our emphasis on human trafficking came along only a year and a half ago,” explained Julie, whose organization’s mission is focused on rejuvenating women by journeying together on the road to freedom with love, healing and restoration.

How severe is the problem of human trafficking?

“An estimate on girls and women who have been forced into sex trafficking might number between 300 and 500 in the most saturated area of activity in Omaha, but the problem is widespread and growing,”

“An estimate on girls and women who have been forced into sex trafficking might number between 300 and 500 in the most saturated area of activity in Omaha, but the problem is widespread and growing,” said Julie, whose organization has received the solid backing and endorsement of city, county, state and federal law enforcement and prosecutorial authorities.

How does Rejuvenating Women impact human trafficking? “We provide one-on-one mentoring, and have eight of those situations going on now. Mentoring lasts for about a year as we go through a book, “One-on-One Discipleship,” that is so powerful,” Julie explained. “The women learn about the love of Christ and obedience, which is the key to daily living for Christ. This approach benefits those who are new to Christianity or even have been acquainted with Jesus Christ for many years. We learn about the Bible and how to read it. Forgiveness is a piece of the study, including forgiving yourself, and getting rid of the shame.

The group also helps girls and women deal with forgiveness, abortion, teen pregnancy, bullying, infidelity, physical and mental abuse, addictions, molestation, self-esteem, anxiety, depression, grief and post-traumatic stress disorder.

“There is also counseling at no charge. We have about three to four girls going through counseling now, but there are probably more than that because some of them come back for counseling infrequently. We try to help everyone who needs it.”

Asked how people can help, Julie said: “Prayer, and lots of it. We need prayer cover for our spiritual and physical protection and to allow God’s spirit to break through and help the victims. You would not believe the amount of demonic oppression that has surfaced to our efforts.”

There also is a monetary need. Rejuvenating Women operates a safe house. “We found immediately that we really need a bigger safe house and one that is more isolated,” Julie said. “Since the stay is free, we need help with the expenses related to having a safe house.”

Julie Cornell of KETV, Channel 7, is master of ceremonies at the event that will include a dinner with a silent and live auction. “Beautifully Broken” also will include a survivor’s story, a testimony of forgiveness and healing and an Omaha Police officer’s presentation, “A Reality of Human Trafficking on Nebraska.” Stephanie Fast is the keynote speaker, and singer-songwriter Jessica Angelique will provide the entertainment.

Julie Shrader said she hopes to accommodate all of those who might decide at the last moment to attend “Beautifully Broken.” For those who had hoped to attend and cannot, Julie said, they can help Rejuvenating Women by providing prayer, donations and volunteerism. “It will be a blessing to us to receive any kind of support,” Julie added.

For more information, visit http://rejuvenatingwomen.com/rejuvenating-women-banquet/. The group’s Facebook page is https://www.facebook.com/rejuvenatingwomen?fref=ts.

Many businesses, entrepreneurs and individuals already have stepped forward to help Rejuvenating Women. Julie pointed out 316Marketplace.com as one such faithful, dedicated backer that has made a huge difference.

“Joe Kenney and 316Marketplace.com have been great in getting whole groups of people to support us,” Julie said. “They have been extremely supportive with resources and people. 316 put together a crew who did a video that we could afford. They also market for us and get the word out for us through many avenues, including social media. We are very thankful to him and 316Marketplace.com.”

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