Admitting you have a marketing problem - Step 1

“I am a small business, and I have a problem.”  The first step in any good 12 step program is admitting you have a problem, right?  Generally, the small business owner is stretched so thin, they can’t possibly keep up with all of the skills needed to properly provide an online presence.  Here’s a short list of common problems:

No web presence at all – no web site, no social media, nothing.
Why this is a problem:  Whether you want to acknowledge this or not, your customers are NOT using the phone book to find you any more – they are digitally connected in multiple ways, at work, at home, and on the go with their phones.  There is no getting around this.  Have at least a web site and a G+ page if you have a physical location.
What can be done:  A basic web site doesn’t have to be expensive and a Google Plus page can be set up to help indicate the basics of your business to Google.  This will help you be found locally.  See the listing of local results from Google for “Omaha Malls”

Example of how your business might appear in local results listings for Google.

Example of how your business might appear in local results listings for Google.


Minimal web presence, but not showing up for basic terms like brand or business name.
Why this is a problem:  You are missing out on people who are familiar with your brand or business name but can’t find you.  Eventually the prospective client will just give up and call the business who’s easiest to find.  

What can be done: Often small SEO changes can be made that can help provide you better exposure in the search engine results.

You have a business web site, but you have no idea who’s searching, how often, and for what information they are looking for on the site.
Why this is a problem:  If you can optimize the experience on your site by providing the items people are looking for, your phone will ring more often.  Web site analytics can tell you everything from where your site visitors are geographically located to how long they are spending on your site, to what search term they used to find you with.  This can tip you off to how effective your advertising is in different parts of the country, what new products you might be able to provide based on the terms people are searching for or why people are leaving your site without taking the action that you want them to.
What can be done:  Web site analytics can be installed easily if you don’t have this, and someone who knows how to interpret the numbers can gain much insight into your site visitor’s intent.

Your website is not mobile ready.
Why this is a problem:   Consumers are using their phone for almost everything digital now.  The statistics are overwhelming.  Your site needs to be ready to display the information a consumer is looking for in a mobile friendly format.  In fact, your search results could suffer if your site is not mobile ready, according to this recent searchengineland article.
What can be done:  A mobile website can be built-often this is a difficult task, but can be done easily if you have a worpress website and a good wordpress responsive theme.

Your digital presence is not a set-it-and-forget-it piece of marketing collateral.  You must keep it updated, relevant, and findable in order to keep visitors coming back.  It can be one of the best acquisition tools your business can have to bring in new customers searching for the goods or services you provide.

If you have questions or problems about the above ideas, please feel free to leave a comment or contact us.

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