A Blog Is That Important? You can't be serious!

A Blog Is That Important? You can’t be serious!

Yes, a blog is that important! I met with a new client earlier in the week. He is a well-established physician that is completing his first book. Anxious for a successful launch he turned to our team for help in designing a successful site, developing a social media strategy and intelligent integration of public relations. The meeting was on the right track and then out of nowhere he asked me if the blog was really that important. Emphatically, I said yes. There is no doubt our team of professionals are well qualified to handle all of the intricate backend details of optimizing for successful search.  Intelligent integration of a blog is a key component to a successful search optimization strategy. There is no better place to start then reviewing a few cornerstones of a successful blog for the Christian business.

CONSISTENT CONTENT – Google’s end game is to transition from a search engine to a knowledge engine. They aim to deliver the most relevant and recent information for online searchers. We believe Google gives a nod to those websites that update their sites & blogs regularly. We recommend posting at least one blog post each week.

FRESH CONTENT – Google appears to shy away from websites and blogs that provide outdated information or stale information. This is a great opportunity for the Christian business owner to share their unique experiences with the masses and still be in good favor with our good friends at Google.

QUALITY CONTENT      – Google strives to deliver relevant, fresh and authoritative results for those      searching online. Quality content is one of the cornerstones. Unique      experiences & fresh perspectives will go a long way to attracting      visitors, establishing links and sharing on social media platforms. The      physician I spoke of earlier is well suited for a blog as respected member      of society with very specific expertise.

SHOUT FROM THE MOUNTAIN TOP TYPE CONTENT – Can you think of a time you learned something really      useful and didn’t tell someone first hand or share it with your Facebook      friends? We are wired to help others as much as we can. That’s why      Pinterest has grown so quickly in popularity. They’ve made very easy to      visually share almost anything! High quality, fresh content should include      pictures, motion graphics, videos, memes, and links that relate to and benefit      the audience reading your blog. Shout from the mountain top means being      useful. It means the information delivers real and inspires the reader to      share it with others by way of social media forwards, likes, tweets, retweets, comments, etc. Companies like Klout, Google, Bing, Yahoo, etc. view the sharing as an endorsement of high quality content.

LINKING – Yes, it’s important to provide links to content you      are referencing. Often overlooked are the opportunities to connect the      visitor with other material within your own site. Linking to a library of high quality content on your site will keep them around a little longer. Isn’t that the point?

SOCIAL LINKING – Don’t miss your opportunity to connect with your readers on a different level. Make it easy for visitors to connect with your social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Google +, Linked In, Instagram, and others. Help your visitors shout it from the mountain tops! Go ahead and check out our Facebook page at https://www.facebook.com/316Marketplace?ref=hl. While your at it, why not check out our Twitter page too! https://twitter.com/316Marketplace

KEYWORDS – WordPress and other blog platforms provide guidance on the proper use of keywords and phrases. The success of your blog relies on high quality content so resist the temptation to “stuff” keywords into your posts. Google doesn’t look favorably on this practice. For now, we won’t address the recent news about the Google Keyword Apocalypse!

Every day is a new experience in the Christian marketplace. Prayerfully consider the implementation of a high quality blog. Devote one hour each week to the development of this rich content that will have a significant impact on developing a strong social media following, page rankings and website traffic.

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